WA500 Standard WinAlign Embedded Console Option with 24" Monitor, printer, and other required components.


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Mounting cabinet sold separately. The Standard WA500 will contain all the same features as its predecessor, WA300, including but not limited to CodeLink and Hawkeye Standard. WA500 will NOT support Hawkeye Elite without adding a Plus Key (20-2005-1) separately.




  • These new consoles feature Hunter�s New HW2 PC running Windows 10 and WinAlign 15.1.
  • Hunter Shop Tough PC along with all necessary components to mount in the cabinet of your choice
  • Features the most extensive vehicle information database in the industry, including over 30 years of vehicle specifications and vehicle-specific procedures to guide alignment adjustments.
  • Patented, high-resolution four-camera system continuously monitors targets at each wheel and instantly updates adjustment reading on-screen.
  • 3D modeling of wheel position and orientation provide the most accurate alignment measurements.
  • Quick roll-forward compensation, exclusive to Hunter, allows a technician to compensate all four wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion
  • A digital library of instructional videos, vehicle-specific photos and illustrations can be used to educate technicians and customers alike.
  • Detailed color printouts help explain needed parts and repairs and document completed work.
  • Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA) links the console, sensors and lift into one highly efficient alignment system to minimize steps and streamline the alignment process.



Dimensions (L x W x H) 29 x 27 x 13 inch
Weight approx. 134 lbs



1-WA572 Aligner with compact cabinet and 24" Wide Screen LCD Display. These new consoles feature Hunter’s New HW2 PC running Windows 10 Login for special pricing Add to cart



1-146-57-1 CONTROLLER - HF REMOTE Login for pricing Add to cart
1-15-60-1 Laser Componet of 20-2851-1, TUBE-ICC DOUBLE ENDED LASER Login for pricing Add to cart
1-20-1558-1 Tire Clamp-Accommodates assemblies up to 40" OD while protecting the wheel. Replaces 20-1108-1. If customer has an existing 20-1108-1, may order a retrofit kit, 20-1559-1. Login for pricing Add to cart
1-20-2948-1 TD target adaptors for BMW / Mercedes no-comp adaptors and Porsche centerlock wheels. Login for pricing Add to cart
1-20-3322-1 WinAlign 15 software upgrade. Includes keys, the latest spec database and Installation/Training by Hunter Service Rep. Requires HW1B PC. A standard WinAlign Aligner key must be present for the upgrade. Login for pricing Add to cart
1-20-3339-1 Self-centering wheel adaptor w/clamp & adaptor for mounting TD target. For use with the fixture used by Nissan and Infiniti dealerships to reset their radar systems. Login for pricing Add to cart