Squeak & Rattle Kit

USD $352.77


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions


Fixes vehicle buzz, squeak and rattle issues. Includes the latest in dampening technology materials currently used in vehicle production by Nissan North America. Chart in inner lid describes use of all components.


Kit Components

J-50397-10 Hook & Loop Fasteners
J-50397-14 Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tape
J-50397-17 Aluminum Backed Constrained Layer Damper
J-50397-6 Polyurethane/Ester Foam
J-50397-9 Dual Lock Re-closeable Fasteners
J-50397-11 Urethane Foam Tape
J-50397-4 Woven Felt Tape
J-50397-5 Woven Felt Tape
J-50397-12 PVC Foam Tape
J-50397-3 Butyl Strip
J-50397-2 EPDM Semi Closed Cell Soft Foam
J-50397-1 EPDM Semi Closed Cell Soft Foam
J-50397-7 EPDM Semi Closed Cell Soft Foam
J-50397-19 3M Adhesion Promoter
J-50397-8 Flocking Tape, Roll
J-50397-13 3M Transfer Adhesive Tape
J-50397-18 Alcohol Preparation Pads
J-50397-16 Thin-Sulate
J-50397-15 UHMW Tape