HEV Battery Insulated Tool Kit

USD $1,514.98


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions


J-50369-HEV insulated tool kit is required for service procedures during HEV LiB service.
Store the J-50369-HEV in the mobile workbench. Always refer to the service
and safety information for detailed service and safety procedures and additional user information


Kit Components

J-50369-ACCESS Accessory Screwdriver
J-50369-CFW Insulated Ratcheting Crowfoot Wrench
J-50369-FLD Insulated Flashlight
J-50369-MAG18 Insulated Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
J-50369-RCHT38 Insulated 3/8" Drive Reversible Click Style Ratchet
J-50369-SKT10DP Insulated 10mm 6-point, 3/8" Drive Deep Socket
J-50369-SKT12DP Insulated 12mm 6-point, 3/8" Drive Deep Socket
J-50369-THDL38 Insulated 3/8" Drive T Handle
J-50369-TRAY Insert, Die Cut Foam