Harness Repair Kit Update #9, Injectors, Sensors, Cam/Crank Sensors, Reference Chart

USD $537.99


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions


The Harness Repair Kit (HRK) was launched as an essential tool in December 2007. Since that time, many new connectors and associated components have been identified. Accordingly, the Harness Repair Kit Update #9 expands the original kit coverage to Titan Diesel Powertrain components. 

Repairing harnesses prevents replacement of complete harness assemblies as pictured below. This helps to minimize secondary issues that can result from intrusive and complex harness replacements.


Kit Components

J-38751-143 Plastic Storage Tray, 6 cavity
J-47003-14 Terminal Removal Tool
J-48817-275 Lead, Crimped Terminal, SZ - AT62-16-0644
J-48817-274 Lead, Crimped Terminal, KOSTAL - 24734130-AG
J-48817-273 Lead, Crimped Terminal, BDK - 1 928 498 651
J-48817-272 Lead, Crimped Terminal, BDK - 1 928 498 992
J-48817-271 Lead, Crimped Terminal, BDK - 1 928 498 991
J-48817-270 Lead, Crimped Terminal, BDK - 1 928 498 054
J-48817-269 Lead, Crimped Terminal, MOLEX - 33012-2001
J-48817-268 Lead, Crimped Terminal, AMP - 1703032-1
J-48817-1125 Connector Pigtails Electronic Throttle Control - 11858W9A6F-B YZ
J-48817-1124 Connector Pigtails Fuel Pump - E05FGY-RS ASSY
J-48817-1123 Connector Pigtails Crankshaft Sensor, Camshaft Sensor - 1009297
J-48817-1122 Connector Pigtails Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor - 1-928-403-968
J-48817-1121 Connector Pigtails Fuel Injector - 1-928-403-874
J-48817-1120 Connector Pigtails Glow Plug Control Module - 33472-1201
J-48817-1119 Connector Pigtails Compressor Bypass Valve Solenoid - 1-1438608-1
544585 Plastic Storage Tray, 12 Cavity
J-47003-15 Terminal Removal Tool