Modified Terminal Block

USD $690.00


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions


The J-50131-1 is a modified terminal block that replaces and supersedes the current terminal block in the GRx-5000 Lithium ion Battery (LiB) charge balancer cradle. The new terminal block has six contact points for charge balancing the newly designed LiB modules, and it is backwards compatible. This design replaces the previous design, and future shipments of the GRx-5000 will include the modified terminal block. The J-50131-2 provides a lever point for removing the LiB module from the cradle.


Important Note: The GRX-5000 must be updated before you can use it with the modified terminal block. This is a one-time update, and when completed your GRX-5000 charge balancer will work with the cradle with the new terminal block installed. Be sure to use the included SD card which contains the required Software Update.